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Aichange is an organisation dedicated to artificial intelligence program.

We aim to create a global community of people with various skills in artificial intelligence area.

This community will have a chance to meet each other face to face through organized camps

and work on common projects in the fields of their interest.


This initiative comes from already existing program called Inchange 

The organisation Inchange is based in Malta and has developed numerous projects to help Ghana.


'Bigger initiatives come from small ideas'.

An idea about community for artificial intelligence started from

the desire to initiate something that will bring like minded people together

with similar skills and these people then will be able to create something that will then help the society.

Ai org Camp is the team that will come up with all the resources in order to start the community

as well as enable them to create further projects. We are a team of eight people

with different backgrounds, building the community/project together.

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